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Herbsttagung und-versammlung 2021

Szeretettel hívjuk Önöket az őszi konferenciánkra. Az ülésünk helye a Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, Széchenyi tér 9, 1051 Budapesten lesz.

About Us

Hungarian Landowners' Association

Fundamental ideas

  • The aim of the association is to strengthen the landowners' status in the Hungarian social life and make the political powers acknowledge them as an important factor from the viewpoint of the development of the country.
  • Our members are not interested in any business speculation, but they are such people who work on creating a modern country occasionally under difficult circumstances.
  • In many cases our members lost large properties in the past and they got only smaller ones back later. However, in this they see the opportunity of 'starting again' about which they set with great energy, dynamism and optimism.

Aims and subjects

  • regular exchange of information between members concerning the legal questions of acquisition, selling and tranfer of ownership
  • securing proprietary rights
  • influence on legal and economic regulation (national and European lobbying)
  • further property acquisition before 2013 and after that
  • current information for members being active in Hungary

Planned activities of the association

Informative events in connection with important and interesting topics at least twice a year

  • inheritance
  • issues of accounting and those of legal representation
  • subsidies (also in a broader sense) and their assertion
  • rules of public law and those of expropriation regarding building and provision of public utilities, road construction, matters of territories with water, nature conservation, trespassing and entering private properties
  • protection of monuments and that of historic buildings, construction regulations

Regular exchange of information about the issues of the EU concerning Hungary

keeping in touch with politicians and chambers of trade

Hungarian Landowners' Association

In the early summer of 2008 a small group of dedicated Hungarian land holders met to make a big idea reality. That was the hour of birth of our organization of the interest group of the Hungarian land owners, the MaInTuSz...

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